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Intensive English and Golf Program


In our Intensive English and Golf program, students have the opportunity to improve their English skills while enjoying San Diego’s beautiful golf courses. Students spend several days each week on the course and learn how to apply their language skills in a unique setting. Because the game of golf has become so important for business relationships, we at Kallis believe this experience offers international students an entry into this custom. We hope to teach our students proper golf etiquette so they can impress future business partners!


Students have the opportunity to practice their swing and their English language conversation skills in our new Intensive English and Golf Program.


Course Description

In this program, students will have a chance to improve their English in a more casual setting. Students will participate in daily challenges each morning to help improve specific aspects of their golf game. Each afternoon, they will visit a new local courses and have the chance to play a practice round. At the end of the program, students will compete against each other in an informal tournament.


Course Length

4~6 weeks


Course Start

Coming soon. Please contact us for details.

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