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KALLIS believes that the quality of an education is shaped as much by experiences outside as in a classroom, so experiencing new cultures is as important as devoting oneself to one's studies. KALLIS aims to facilitate both classroom and real-world learning by promoting the internationalization of education through unique exchange programs, accessible study guides, and copious online resources. 


Here at KALLIS, we help people who love to learn, no matter where they are in the world. Both in the U.S. and abroad, standardized tests are one of the most intimidating obstacles that separate students from their educational goals. KALLIS aims to demystify standardized tests and revitalize students' desire for academic achievement.

About Us


KALLIS' staff has accumulated decades of combined educational experience. Members of our creative team have experience both writing and educating, so they know how to connect with students using methods that are both clear and engaging. Click below to learn more about the team that makes up KALLIS EDU. 


Since 2011, KALLIS EDU has published guides to tackling difficult standardized tests. We believe that practice builds confidence, and confidence allows individuals to perform at their best. Our TOEFL and SAT study guides break down typical test questions and offer helpful strategies and an abundance of practice material. 


In addition to publishing, Kallis is dedicated to providing unique educational exchange programs. Starting in 2014, Kallis began partnering with local schools and universities to offer short-term educational opportunities in San Diego for visiting students. Our homestay and camp programs allow international students to experience America’s cultural diversity while expanding their knowledge of business practices and conversational English. Our programs foster personal growth for each of our students and encourage learning both in and out of the classroom. 


Publication Timeline: TOEFL Pattern Reading Series (Q1 2014), TOEFL Pattern Writing Series (Q2 2014), TOEFL Pattern Speaking Series (Q3 2014), TOEFL Pattern Listening Series (Q1 2015), SAT Pattern Strategy (Q4 2015).


In progress: SAT BIG Practice Book, SAT Grammar Pattern.

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