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TOEFL Pattern Writing Level 3
  • KALLIS' iBT TOEFL Pattern Writing Series simplifies each TOEFL writing task into a series of simple steps, which ensures that students do not become overwhelmed as they develop their writing skills. Moreover, our commitment to minimizing instruction and maximizing student practice assures that students have many opportunities to strengthen their writing skills while developing a unique writing style. KALLIS’ TOEFL Pattern Series offers a variety of practice questions and quizzes. 

    TOEFL Pattern Writing Level 3

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    • Product Details

      • Hacking Strategy shows students how to approach each question type
      • Quick Look provides problem-solving strategies for each question type
      • Warm Up and Quick Practice questions that focus on particular question types
      • 20 Practice Sets that combine skills developed in earlier chapters
      • 40 Writing Prompts for extra practice
      • Pop Quizzes and the Actual TOEFL Vocabulary section familiarize students with hundreds of the most commonly used words on the iBT TOEFL exam
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